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Types Of Bike Racks

Bike racks are available in many different mounting options for SUVs. The 3 most popular are hitch, spare tire and rear/trunk mounted.

Hitch Mount

If your SUV is equipped with a hitch receiver then using a hitch mount bike rack may be a great option. They are quick to install and bikes can be loaded and unloaded with ease due to their low loading height. Some hitch mount models have a swing away feature so that the rear door can still be opened when the bike rack is in use. Hitch mount bike racks can in versions that can hold from 2 to 5 bicycles.

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Rear Mount

Rear mount bike racks are a popular choice for many SUV owners as they can easily be swapped from vehicle to vehicle if needed. They come in a variety of different models that can usually accommodate from 1 to 4 bicycles. Always check the information from the manufacture to ensure that a specific bike rack model is compatible and will fit properly on your SUV vehicle.

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Spare Tire Mount

If you drive an SUV with an external spare tire, then you already have a great place to attach a bike rack. These racks bolt onto your existing external spare tire and provide a convenient method of transporting your bikes around. Spare tire bike racks typically hold from 1 to 3 bicycles.

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